5 Best Grills for Searing

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Best Grills

Choosing the right grill is a really big decision to make  – there are so many different grills on the market to choose from, and what you want from your grill might be completely different from the next person.

One of the benefits of a good grill is being able to sear meat and vegetables on it, in next to no time. However, not all grills sear the same, and it is a feature to look for.

Which are the best grills for searing?

The best grill for searing will have good temperature control, and it will be able to reach high temperatures so you can get a good sear on either meat or vegetables. The grill will also need to suit your needs, either being a larger grill or a more portable one.

So, if you are in the market for a grill, and want it to have a good searing function, read on for the best options on the market right now, to find a grill that suits you best!

What to Look for in a Grill for Searing

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a new grill for your home, but even more so if you are looking for a grill that is particularly good at searing.

Below are all the various factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a grill for searing, to ensure it is not only great quality, but it is the right option for you:

Fuel Type

One of the first things you need to decide is what fuel type you want to grill with. The two most popular fuel types for grills are gas and charcoal.

Gas is a great all-round option, as it is easier to use and you can get grilling pretty instantly. However, many people still opt for charcoal as it gives a smokier taste to the meat.

Which fuel type you choose will be up to your personal grilling preference, but when it comes to searing, gas might be the better option, as it is better to control, and the grill can reach a higher temperature quicker, so you can sear your meat sooner, rather than waiting for the charcoal to heat up to a certain temperature. 

Other fuel types for grills include pellet grills and electric grills, and these have their pros and cons too. Pellet grills are used more for the smokier flavor they give, and aren’t necessarily the best for searing.

Electric grills can reach a high temperature for searing but don’t give that authentic grilling experience. Once again, it is a personal preference.

Size of Grill

The next biggest consideration you need to make is the size of your grill. If it is a grill to use for the family and you will be keeping it in one spot, then a larger grill might be ideal.

However, if you are planning on moving the grill around, and if you do not usually grill for too many people, then a smaller grill might be a better option for you.

Other than considering how many people you typically grill for, you need to think about the storage space you have for the grill, and where you will keep it when not in use.

Generally, a three-burner gas grill is the right size for a family of four. A smaller grill might be better for a two-person household, or for when you want to use your grill when out and about, such as at home and when out camping.

Temperature Control

If you are wanting to sear on your grill, then you do need to have some sort of temperature control. Searing happens at a specific temperature range, between 300 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you need to make sure you can get your grill to this temperature.

Gas grills are great for this, as you can control the size of the flame on the burners, and therefore control the temperature for searing. Charcoal grills are a little trickier, but you can reach a high temperature with the right charcoal grill.

Temperature Display

It really helps to have a grill with a good temperature display, so you can see when the grill is at a searing temperature. As mentioned above, searing happens between 300 and 500 degrees, so you would want to see when your grill is at this temperature to use.

Temperature displays can vary between different grills, so just make sure that the grill you are choosing has a clear and accurate display, so you know when you can sear meat or vegetables at a high temperature.

The 5 Best Grills for Searing

Below are the 5 best grills for searing. We have included a variety of good quality grills so that you are sure to find one that suits you best!

1. Hamilton Beach Steak Lover’s Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Best Grills

If you are looking for a grill purely for searing, and you are a huge fan of searing some steak, then the Hamilton Beach Steak Lover’s Electric Indoor Searing Grill is the best option for you!

It is not your traditional big outdoor grill, but it gives you the outdoor grill flavors indoors, and you get to enjoy it year-round, in any weather.

The large non-stick surface is big enough for four steaks, four burgers, four tuna steaks, or numerous vegetables, giving you plenty of space to sear many different food items.

The Electric Searing Grill reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for searing and is the perfect temperature to sear in flavor and juices. There is an illuminated sear button for meats and vegetables, giving you perfect, consistent results each and every time.

You get to enjoy seared steak or food of your choice in just 10 minutes, which adds to the convenience of this grill, which can be used any time of the year from the comfort of your kitchen!

2. Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Best Grills

If a more traditional gas grill is what you are after, then you really cannot go wrong with the Weber Spirit II E-310 Propane Grill.

It is a fairly compact size for a full grill, with 3 burners, which is ideal for small families. There is 529 square inches of cooking space over the 3 burners, which is a decent amount for many different meats and vegetables.

The benefits of having 3 different burners which are all independently controlled, is that you can sear meat at a high temperature on one burner, and grill some vegetables on a lower heat on the other. It gives you great versatility and a great temperature range.

The lid of the Weber Grill has a temperature gauge, which gives you an accurate reading of the temperature inside of the grill, allowing you to sear your meat or vegetables at the perfect temperature.

There is space on either side of the grill for utensils or other ingredients, and the two wheels on the grill allow it to be portable around the backyard too!

3. Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Best Grills

The Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is the perfect in-between if you want a full grill experience, but you just do not have the space for it or the need for so much grilling space.

A single stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour, to heat the 189 square-inch cooking area. This is more than enough to reach the right temperature to sear meat and vegetables, but the grill does need to be preheated with the burner on high for 10 minutes first.

The grates are made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, which makes them long-lasting and high-quality. The lid and body are made with cast aluminum, which will stand the test of time too.

This compact gas grill will give you the ideal grilling experience, whether at home in the backyard, or at a picnic, or even while camping, allowing you to sear meat and vegetables without having to worry about firing up a large grill.

4. Napoleon 3 Prestige Natural Gas Grill

Best Grills

The Napoleon 3 Prestige Natural Gas Grill is a little different from the others, as it utilizes infrared heat to cook meat. The infrared sizzle zone burners work by forcing ignited gas through small holes, heating the grill to an incredibly high temperature in just 30 seconds.

This provides an ideal searing environment, and you can sear meat and vegetables in next to no time. The grill also has a rotisserie function, and with its large cooking area, it is a great family grill.

Look to this grill for restaurant-quality seared meat, and an all-round good family grill.

5. Cuisinart Chef’s Style Portable Gas Grill

The Cuisinart Chef’s Style Portable Gas Grill offers fast and easy setup, requiring no assembly, so you can be set up and ready to sear in under 10 minutes.

There are 2 stainless steel 10 000 BTUS burners, with electronic ignition, and with separate controls, to provide high heat for searing.

The stainless steel grate is ideal for large cuts of meat, and you can sear meat evenly on the surface of the grill.

An integrated heat thermometer and adjustable burner knobs give you complete control over the heat zones on your grill, so you can sear your meat to perfection each and every time.


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