The 6 Best Collapsible Colanders Of 2024

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Best Collapsible Colanders

Colanders are an essential item in every kitchen. However, it is one of the kitchen essentials that we don’t realize we need until we have a pot full of pasta that needs draining, and nothing to drain it with!

One issue that many of us have with colanders is that they take up quite a bit of space in the kitchen cupboard, and for smaller kitchens, this isn’t super ideal.

To avoid this, we found some really amazing collapsible colanders that still get the job done while taking up very little space.

Which are the best collapsible colanders? The best collapsible colanders are ones that can fold up small to be packed away easily while still functioning as a regular colander and straining water from food properly. Make sure to choose a collapsible colander that is made from durable materials, such as silicone, to ensure it lasts a long time in the kitchen!

Keep reading to find out how you can choose the best collapsible colander for your kitchen, and which ones are our top picks from the market right now!

Buyer’s Guide – Collapsible Colanders

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when picking out the best collapsible colander for your kitchen.

By ticking off all the factors below, you’ll be able to choose a collapsible colander that works best in your kitchen and lasts for a long time!


A collapsible colander needs to be made from a material that allows it to fold down compact in order to store it away easily. The best option for this would be silicone, as it is flexible, yet still suitable to be used in the kitchen.

The actual draining section of the colander can be made from silicone, BPA-free plastic, or even stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most durable, long-lasting option, but the plastic options are also a great choice.

As long as it is a food-grade, durable material, you should have no problems.


You’ll also need to consider the size of the colander that you will need in your kitchen. For bigger families, a bigger colander would be best, as you will be straining and draining more food in one go.

If you cook for just yourself or you and one other person, then a smaller colander would be fine.

You don’t want to have to pull out a huge colander each time you want to drain a single portion of pasta or have to drain pasta in batches because your colander is too small.

Also, consider if you entertain at home often. If so, consider keeping a bigger colander, even if you only cater for a few people each night.

If you aren’t too sure what size to get, you could always keep a few differently sized collapsible colanders at home. As they fold up flat, they won’t take up too much space!

What It Is Used For

Another factor to consider is what you will be using the colander for most often.

If you will use it to drain vegetables and wash fruit, then bigger colander holes would be better, as it allows dirt to wash through, and the water to drain away quickly.

However, if you cook rice, quinoa, or small pasta often and need to use the colander to drain this, you will need to purchase one with smaller holes, so that your rice doesn’t wash away with the water.

Storage Space

If you are really tight on space in your kitchen, you need to choose a collapsible colander that folds up small. Some fold up flat, which is great to be able to lay it down and place other items on top of it.

Keep your storage space restrictions in mind when deciding on the type and size of colander you will need at home.

Easy Cleaning

It definitely helps to choose a colander that is dishwasher safe. This saves you a good amount of time once dinner is done, and you can simply pop the colander in the dishwasher to be cleaned, without it being damaged in the process.

The 6 Best Collapsible Colanders

Here are our favorite collapsible colanders on the market at the moment. These are all great choices to use in the kitchen, and they’ll help save you quite a bit of storage space too!

1. Longzon

The Longzon Collapsible Colanders come in a set of 2, so you have just about everything you need when it comes to draining and straining food!

Both colanders have ergonomic and comfortable handles.

These handles will keep your hands safe from the hot water and food, while still being wonderfully comfortable to hold.

The raised perforated bottom of the colander allows water to drain through very easily and quickly, so you can spend more time doing other things in the kitchen, rather than waiting for water to drain!

When not in use, the two colanders fold down to 1.25-inches tall, so they can be stored in a cupboard or drawer. The colanders measure 8-inches and 9.5-inches in diameter, so they accommodate different pot sizes.

Made with soft food-grade PP and hard TRP materials, these colanders will last for years. They are also heat resistant up to 230°F.

With options on the size of colander you want to use and the food you want to use it for, this 2 piece set is a great option for any kitchen.

2. QiMH

The Qimh Collapsible Colander is the ultimate tool to keep in the kitchen!

It folds away compact when not in use and can be popped up to work as a standard colander.

It can also be extended to sit over the sink for hands-free straining.

The telescopic handles on the colander make them comfortable and safe to hold, but they can also be extended out to be placed on either side of the sink. They make lifting and receiving the colander that much safer.

Made with food-grade PP and TRP, the colander is safe to use in the kitchen and is easy to clean when dinner is cooked.

The hollowed-out design of the bottom of the colander, as well as the hole distribution, allows for quick and easy draining for almost all types of food.

The colander has anti-skid design so that it stays in place when in use, reducing mess and spills. It is wear-resistant and durable, so it’ll last for a very long time in the kitchen.

Use it for rice, pasta, or any fruit or vegetables that need cleaning or straining.

3. 4UBonLife

Best Collapsible Colanders

This is a great collapsible colander that allows you to drain food in the shortest time possible.

With holes on both the sides and bottom of the colander, water will be drained through food very quickly!

The collapsible colander is made with food-safe materials, which are non-toxic and BPA-free. It is heat resistant up to 180°F. These materials allow the colander to be durable and dishwasher safe!

Available in medium or large, the colander is ideal for draining all types of food, such as pasta, veggies, fruit, beans, and more.

When not in use, the strainer can be collapsed and stored flat in the kitchen cupboard, or even in a drawer or hanging on the kitchen wall!

It is a great all-around colander to keep for daily use in the kitchen.

4. WYOK Colander

Best Collapsible Colanders

This collapsible colander can be extended to fit all different sink sizes.

It can be used just the same as any other colander can be.

However, this colander is completelyly hands-free, as it sits on either side of your sink!

The colander is made from high-quality, BPA-free materials, which are heat-resistant up to 158°F and suitable to be placed in the dishwasher.

With a heavy-duty design, it is a long-lasting colander that efficiently gets the job done!

Evenly spaced holes mean that draining and straining are done very quickly, with the holes still being small enough to prevent any food from slipping through.

The large capacity of the colander allows it to drain just about any food, and it can be used as a fruit basket too. It can be expanded from 14.2-inches to 19.5-inches, to suit any sink size and shape!

5. Al Forsan

Best Collapsible Colanders

For when you need more than one colander at home, you should consider this 2-pack collapsible colander set!

Each colander has a capacity of 5-quarts and is made from food-safe, non-toxic silicone.

Enjoy quick-draining with these colanders, which have holes at the bottom and along the side, for super simple and efficient straining.

The colanders are heat resistant up to 180°F. Use them to strain and drain just about any type of food at home!

With a non-slip base, the colander will not move or slip when in use, which increases your safety and which lessens the chance of spills and messes.

Ergonomic plastic handles are easy to hold and comfortable to use, and the actual colander is flexible enough to help drain all the water out.

Once done, fold the colanders down and stack them one on top of the other for space-saving storage in the kitchen, while still enjoying all the benefits of an efficient and fully functioning colander when cooking!

6. DLD Colander

Best Collapsible Colanders

This over-the-sink colander allows you to have your hands free to deal with hot food and water.

The colander can be used in the sink, or the handles can be extended so it sits over your sink.

When collapsed, the colander only measures 1.7-inches high, taking up very little space in the kitchen.

Sturdy and durable, and made with silicone material, the colander will last for a long time in the kitchen, and can be easily cleaned as well!

non-slip base allows you to work with hot food and water safely, reducing the chance of any accidents happening in the kitchen!

Related Questions

Wow! Those were some great colanders we just looked at. We hope you found one that suits your preferences and needs in the kitchen!

You might have a few questions, though, about collapsible colanders and their uses. So, we went ahead and answered some questions that we thought you might have asked yourself while reading this article!

Are collapsible colanders good?

Collapsible colanders can work just as well as regular colanders, with the addition of taking up less space. You just need to choose a collapsible colander that is made from durable materials, and which can drain and strain foods easily.

Is a metal or plastic colander best?

A metal colander will be better for durability, strength, and dealing with hot foods and liquids, but this does not mean that a good-quality plastic colander will not be good to use either.

Plastic colanders are budget-friendly and can work just as well in the kitchen, although they might not last as long.


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