The 2024 Colors of the Year Point to One Trend You Need to Know

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A new year is just a couple of calendar flips away (2023, where did you go?) So, we have our attention on what’s new and exciting in the world of home decor in 2024. One trend in particular is emerging as clear as the sky is blue.

Each fall, paint brands unveil their colors of the year, and for 2024, many of them declared shades of blue as the color to consider.

Though blue has never gone out of style, why is it having such a resurgence in interior design? We asked interior designers their thoughts.

Why Blue Is All the Rage for 2024

Whether expressed through wall-to-wall coats of paint, a small piece of decor, or both, adding the color blue will instantly rejuvenate any stale space. Find the right shade of blue, and it’ll feel just as calming as it is invigorating, balancing a sense of both tranquility and energy that (let’s face it) we all need.

Take it from us, or take it from a myriad of popular paint brands: in 2024, blue is the way to go for any room that needs a refresh. With so many variations of the expansive color available, you’ll surely find one that speaks to your personal style.

It’s Calming and Relaxing

The 2024 Colors of the Year

If you’re going to take color trend advice from anyone, perhaps it’s Laetitia Gorra, one half of Roarke Design Studio. She’s the former designer behind hot spot coworking space The Wing, which some consider to be the birthplace of the millennial pink obsession.

Gorra helped create one of the most widely copied design aesthetics to date, and now she’s backing up blue too, praising its ease of use.

“Blue is safe, as it’s a lovely accent with neutral beiges, which continue to be a trend,” Gorra says. “It’s an easy color to use if you are looking to add something in your home, but not go overboard.”

It’s Subtle and Subdued

Kathy Kuo, founder and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, says it’s clear that gray-tinged stone blues are poised to have a moment in 2024. Since stone blues are subtle and understated, Kuo says they complement other trends, such as quiet luxury and wabi-sabi.

“These cool, slate blues fit right into organic modernism and the rise in natural materials that have been prominent in the interior design space over the past year,” Kuo says. “They’re versatile, but also decidedly sophisticated and inspired by the beauty of the natural world.”

It Has a Naturalistic Connection

Chelse Thowe, the lead designer of Forge & Bow, sees a common thread throughout many of the paint brands’ colors of the year: several are soft, gray-blues, or ones with green undertones that push them towards teal. Each is reminiscent of clear skies and calm waters.

“Blue is trending because it connects us with nature and feels rejuvenating,” Thowe says. “It brings a sense of stillness and creates a sanctuary from our busy lives.”

There’s no wrong way to use blue either—it almost acts as a neutral, says Thowe. She suggests painting it on cabinetry, interior trim, stair railings, your front door, or even an entire room (ceiling included!) for an extra bold statement.

“Don’t be afraid to use multiple shades of the same color for a monochromatic and sophisticated look,” Thowe says.

You Can Turn It Up a Notch

After years of muted neutrals or deep, moody hues dominating the design scene, interior designer Kate Marker says it’s time for the trend of “the in-between shades” to have their moment.

“The rest of the paint deck now wants to be revisited,” Marker says. “The medium tones are far from average, as they are cheerful and statement-making. The blues chosen for 2024 turn up the energy a notch to give a fresh spin on tried and true blues.”

It’s Timeless and Approachable

Valerie Stafford and Katie Siegel, both interior designers with Rumor Designs, agree: blue is as timeless as colors come, so incorporating blue tones into your home is an approachable task. That’s the case no matter your style or location, whether that be traditional to contemporary or coastal to mountainside.

“You can go as subtle as switching out an accent rug to something as impactful as painting built-ins or the entire kitchen cabinetry,” Siegel says.

Or, Stafford says, if you already own blue upholstery or accent chairs, now is your time to highlight that piece. Add pillows, lamps, artwork, or tiles to tie the blue into the room one more time. Try incorporating different shades of the same color to ensure your decor doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy.

“Blue inspires calm and relaxation. Who doesn’t want that these days?” Stafford says. “Don’t sing the blues—celebrate them.”


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