5+ Best Ninja Blender- A Worthy Choice for Your Home

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best ninjam blender

There is nothing better than a fresh and cool tumbler of smoothie to enjoy during the hot summer ( best ninjs blender). However, to have the best and desired smoothies, you have to consider for right blender because there are thousands of them on the market and you will be easily get the junk.

To live a healthy life, I also pay a strong attention to this machine because I would like to make a great value for my money. According to several reviews and many experts, I found that the ninja blender will be the great choice for your kitchen with the awesome performance and high durability.

After having researched, I have to say that this brand is deserved for your trust because it has a great reputation in the field of kitchen utensils. All of its products are completely made within the super strict process to make sure everything will be in the top quality. More than that, the brand also gets the third-party to test all of the products before launching them to the market. Therefore, what you are using is the best of the best.

In my review, I will give you the specific detail of each product for easy making comparison. However, if you would like to gain the general knowledge about the blender to have some key factors to consider before purchasing, you can check my buying guide article to note down some essential points.

1. Ninja Blender 1200 Watts of professional performance With Auto-iQ Technology – BL688 (Certified Refurbished)

Your family will easily enjoy the yummy and fresh smoothies at home during the hot summer thanks to this ninja professional blender with 1200-watt capacity. The great power along with three level of speed will definitely complete your tasks in seconds with a pure ease.

Besides, you can comfortably blend a huge number of ingredients at once without concerning about the overloading problem because the pitcher is super large, up to 72oz. Plus, the covering lid is also a key point of the great performance. The lid sticks firmly and perfectly to the mouth of the jar to ensure that there will be no leaks happen during the process. Therefore, the countertops will be clean over time.

Moreover, the sturdy handle is ergonomically designed to offer you a large space of comfort so that you won’t definitely feel any pain or fatigue even when the jar is full of mixture. Unlike other counterparts featuring the blade system at the bottom, this one has an outstanding arrangement of blades in different level. Thus, the whole ingredients inside will be progress at the same time.

The blade system is the reason for the high efficiency of this machine. The great strength of motor and super sharp blades can help you deal with other tasks along with blending. You can easily puree food or even make soup because the blades promise not to leave any unpureed pieces.

2. Ninja Chef 1500-Watt High Speed Blender, Black CT805

This ninja blender 1500 watts will certainly a workhorse in your kitchen. You cannot imagine this ultimate power of 1500 watts which will probably progress all ingredients even crushing the ice cubes in seconds.

Besides, the machine features up to 10 levels of speeds so that you can manually adjust to get the best results as you wish. With that such capacity, this blender also has more functions like pureeing and grinding. That means you can easily have the homemade nut butter or sauces to enjoy along with your dishes.

Moreover, the blender offers you with the high-end look with the Led performance to help you easily read the information. Plus, it also present the finishing time of the automatic process so that you don’t need to stand right beside the machine and watch all the time.

In addition, the covering lid has a small cap to offer you a flexible usage in case you may forget to add some ingredients. You also have a tamper accompanied to mix the mixture during the operation to get the results more consistent and perfect as you wish. The tamper is supposed to be the solution to increase the efficiency because the blades are not arranged in the same way as the above one.

And, the whole process is carried on in low noise so that you don’t need to worry about disturbing the neighborhood or wake up your darlings in case you may have to make drinks in the early morning for the healthy life. By the way, this ninja blender also comes along with the booklet consisting of 50 recipes to somehow help you in first day using.

3. Ninja 1000 Watts Blender NJ600, Silver/Black, 72 Oz

Another offer for family usage, the ninja professional blender 1000 will be a great choice for you to serve everyone with a tumbler of cool smoothie. With the 1000-watt capacity, the machine can easily crush the ice cubes into snow pieces in seconds so that the serve heat of summer will immediately be eliminated.

Besides, this one also has the innovative arrangement of blades around the rotating axis so that no matter where the ingredients on the top or at the bottom, they are still progressed at the same time. Therefore, you will certainly receive the desired outcomes with the perfect taste of fruit and vegetables.

Moreover, the 70oz pitcher can help you freely create your owned recipe because with that capacity you can add everything. You won’t feel that problem because the ergonomic handle can help you balance the weight and you will experience the great of comfort while holding. Although the pitcher is made of plastic, it has a tough and thick construction that still can stand with the heavy force and pressure during the process.

In addition, there is one plus point about this product that I really love. The lid with the openable cap covering the pour spout is a subtle design. You don’t the remove the lid to pour the outcome so that it’s less likely to spill over the countertops.

The operating base is quite simple, just with three levels of speed and the pulse mode that can help you deal with many other tasks along with normal blending. So, I think this one really bang for your bucks if you just need to enjoy the healthy lifestyle at home with three tumblers of drink every day.

4. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

Here is another choice of my collection that you can make a comparison with the above one. This one will firstly make a strong impression on you with the high-end and much pretty design that can certainly add a great beauty to your kitchen. I found that the dark grey and the design of the functional buttons are more elegance than the above one.

Besides, the pitcher also measures 72oz so that you will feel comfortable to make your drinks because it can hold a ton of ingredients at the same time without any problems. Plus, it’s completely made of BPA plastic with the strong, tough and durable structure that the heavy force and pressure of the operation still cannot break it.

Moreover, the great arrangement of the blade system can help the process done more quickly but with the perfect outcomes. Plus, during the operation, you can freely add more ingredients through the flip spout. You don’t need to worry those missing ingredients are left unblended because the blades in different levels which can make sure no chunks in your smoothies.

After making drink, you can clean this ninja blender easily because the pitcher, lid and the blades will be safe in the dishwasher. Notice that the blades are super sharp, so you have to be much careful.

5. Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer, Black

And now, welcome you with the innovation of the world of blender. This one is highly recommended in many other ninja blender reviews. It has the beauty of technology because of the touch screen. I’m sure that this one will be the centerpiece of your kitchen and will be the first thing that every guest pays attention to.

The ultimate upgrade of this blender is all about the smart base which can itself recognize the attachment and automatically displays the compatible functional modes as followed. Because this product comes in a set of other attachments beside the pitcher of blender, the operating can totally offer you with more than 10 different functions.

Besides, the pitcher with 72oz capacity can help you one time make more than 3 servings for your guests or your family so that you can save much time for making drinks. Plus, with the same arrangement of blades, the blender can work with the high efficiency that there is no need of worrying about the tough ingredients can make the blades stuck.

Moreover, in the set, you will receive a convenient cup that you can directly make and enjoy the drinks inside to save much time for other things as using the large pitcher. When you install the cup, the base will show other modes like extract, smoothie and so on. Therefore, you will find easy to make a variety of drinks at home to enjoy without going out.

In addition, there is also a spiralizer and the processor bowl included that you can comfortably make the veggie noodles to enjoy your daily diet or can chop, mince, or even puree the ingredients without any hitch. Cleaning is not a problem with this product because all the attachments are safe with the dishwasher, but you have to be careful with the touchscreen. It’s vulnerable so that you have to keep it stay away from water to prevent malfunctions.

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